• 71 years after peaceful liberation: Gamtog village in Tibet toward prosperity

    Seventy-one years after the peaceful liberation in Gamtog village of Tibet, some of the locals still remember that day, and can recall the huge changes that have taken place in the area.
  • Gen-Z in SW China promotes Tibetan intangible cultural heritage

    Generation Z from dance and thangka majors in Ganzi Prefecture Vocational and Technical School promotes Tibetan intangible cultural heritage.
  • Song and dance performance held in SW China

    On July 16, at Ludingqiao Square in Luding county, Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, China's southwestern Sichuan province, more than 3,000 people performed traditional and modern dances, and sang songs to express their love for the Party and the nation.
  • The art of Tibetan knives prospers in Lhorong county, Tibet

    Traditional handmade knives with handles made of yak horn and scabbards made from yak leather are popular among Tibetan people.
  • Teaching in Tibet: Changing attitudes

    Song Yugang has been a primary school teacher in a township in Lhasa for the past 24 years. During that time, the most remarkable change he has noticed has been the local people's attitudes toward education.
  • Traditional Tibetan clothes promoted in Nagqu, Tibet

    On July 26, people dressed in traditional Tibetan clothes stepped onto the stage to promote traditional Tibetan culture during a tourism and cultural activity in Biru County of Nagqu, southwestern China's Tibet autonomous region.
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